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Can someone give me a good story idea. I have a really bad writers block and i need an idea.
I made a thing with a friend. They made the theme and such and i am the main writer. See tumblr is toxic as hell. So i made a tumblr to maybe fix it. Its my opinions on the subject. No group is right or wrong. But you can of course complain about them there. Every day i will write my opinions on different subjects. So if you are interested you may follow it.
I have returned, fellow watchers. I have many things to work. Many many things. I will keep in touch
I will be gone for a few days. I will be at a depression center for..well you know. I dunno how long ill be gone. Thank you, my watchers, for watching me. Dont worry about me. Just keep doing what you do.
[G.U.N. Report]
Report on :
Darkness Vexen

Notice : Darkness has given us very limited knowledge on where he comes from, his past, and who his family is. A biography is unable to be completed. However, through other studies, we have more info, on other items of interest on him. My apologies, Director, for our limited knowledge.

What we do know, is that he went to one of our training facilities at the age of 15, and he exceeded past most expectations. Past that there is nothing about him. He just sorta appeared. I find it suspicious, so we are going to keep researching him.

Species : Hedgehog, with some wolf in him, aka his father. At least that is what he says..

Age : Suspected body age is 19, though he claims to be much older than this.

Powers : After testing his abilities, we came up with alot of surprising data. He controls ice, water, and an ability he calls Darkness. Perhaps he is really selfish, or is he being serious? More data needed for this answer.

He seems to rely on Energy for his abilities, unlike some who rely on strength. The less energy, the less he can do. We even discovered his body has some sort of advanced healing system. He heals much quicker, and can even regenerate! Unfortunately, regeneration requires a lot of energy, after he has completed this he appears to have become exhausted, and more of an over-glorified meat-shield

He appears to be fast, and strong. But not as fast as Sonic or Shadow. His strength rivals most people however.

Another remarkable discovery! He appears to be able to summon some sort of twin blades! doesn't seem like a standard blade, seems old and larger than standard swords. Along with those come chains that connect to him and his blades. It seems that he is well gifted in sword fighting. He is also able to summon some sort of evil looking guitar blade. He mentions he rarely uses it unless in a bad situation. It looks absolutely vicious i might add.

We have discovered he is well trained in all types of combat, hand to hand, blades, even guns. Attempts to find out who trained him have not succeeded

He has the ability to sense people, from say another room or a mile away. He however cannot sense androids or robotic lifeforms.

Personality : He comes off as rather emo, he's mostly silent, and gives the cold shoulder, nobody has managed to get to his nice side apparently. He is cruel in combat, I'm quite glad he's on our side.

He also appears to be sadistic in battle, do be careful around him.

Mental stability : We are unsure of his mental state, at the surface he is calm, but tests show his brain waves are extremely high, best keep an eye on him.

Job : We call on darkness when we have something abnormal come up, or what classifies under supernatural. He appears to be the only person in GUN with knowledge of these events.

If we run out of special agents, we do send dark out into the field. We prefer not to, he tends to leave a...Mess. A very messy mess. He's quite vicious. Its best to just not question how they died. He's quite sadistic.

His look : Hes normally seen wearing a large black coat, with white lines on it, with a hood that covers his face in blackness. Otherwise, he will be wearing jeans and a normal shirt. We also need to note he needs a f&@!ing haircut.

His forms : He has multiple forms apparently, he has only shown us one sadly.
He has a Super form, one sonic or shadow would have, but with different emeralds he says. More info is needed on this.
His father was a wolf, as a result, he can turn into a sorta werewolf form. He showed us, he looked vicious but was quite calm.
And he has told us about a form he calls Nightmare. He has failed to give us any details whatsoever. He tells us that he cannot for our "protection and sanity."

He also has one item he owns that is quite precious to him. A necklace, with a glowing heart on it. He always hides it. Normally it would be girly, but this necklace looks very old and beautiful. Older than him even. It looks rather ancient. He always hides this necklace. Always. He hasn't told us much about it. More data is again needed.

I must say Director he is quite odd. We appear to know so little on him. I will continue to update this as we continue to research him.
[G.U.N. Report Ended.]
[G.U.N. Report on Dark Vexen]
Yes i have written again, decided not to focus on the random and rather demonic ideas that pop into my head giving me violent images as i read it which i enjoy, to go back to sonic. I did not include a bio on him since i will be doing another writing in dark's point of view. I am also planning a writing about SONA in eggman's point of view. God im a nerd. I also wrote a demonic thing but i dont want to post that here yet it needs more to it. But uh yeah lotsa things coming soon.
Can someone give me a good story idea. I have a really bad writers block and i need an idea.


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United States
My name is Dark, what i lack in any artistic ability, i make up for in writing. Its what i enjoy doing. I have interests in gaming, and sonic stuff. I enjoy reading when i get the chance. I listen to welcome to night vale. I watch popular youtubers, like NerdCubed, Totalbiscuit the cynical brit, jesse cox, presshearttocontinue (dodger), and RoosterTeeth.
I believe thats it.

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