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So many people are giving me llama badges lately and each one have better art, pages, and everything else than me.
Im just curious as to how they found me.
I think my personal favorite holiday is halloween, not because of the costumes which i refuse to wear, not because of the pumpkins, not even because of the candy. No its because its the scariest month of the year. Horror ideas get off the chart, horrifying artwork gets posted, and writings as well, and i absolutely adore it.
Seriously fuck costumes.
A man, thin and tall, wearing a small fedora, a suit, and a tie, walks in the sunshine, down a lonesome street. He is not a nice man. He is a mean man, and he has done a lot of bad things. A thief, a liar, and a cheat, he believes he is untouchable. But, even though he's never been jailed, something has caught him. He is alone, but he is not, he cannot shake a feeling, a feeling that someone is following him, but when looks behind him, there is nothing but the empty street, and bright sun, casting a shadow of light onto him. He shrugs, and keeps walking, thinking he was imagining it. But he wasn't. There is always one person that follows him, one person that stalks him, every day. His Shadow, the man's evil, the Shadow he can never escape, as it can only grow. As the man walks, his shadow grows, growing more and more, until his shadow stands, pulling itself from the ground.The man turns, and sees his shadow, the same size as him, only completely black. The shadow seeming stares into the man's soul. He runs, panicked, But unable to escape, as the evil is a part of him, the evil IS him. The shadowy arm grabs the man, a black energy being absorbed into the man's veins. The man tries to shake off the Shadow, his hat dropping from his head. His skin began to burn with the darkness infecting him. He tries to scream, but no voice comes out, the  Evil has him now, and dissipates into his skin, the man's soul, corrupted by the shadow. The man, now of pure Evil, picks up the fedora, wipes the dirt off of it, placing it back on his head. He walks on, as if nothing happened. He continues to live his life, no longer ever casting a shadow, for he IS the shadow.
The Evil Shadow
This story describes a man, who has done many bad things, who was taken over by his own selfish evils.
Dark Vexen by joecool909
Dark Vexen
Another fantastic picture my friend made of my main character, aka, Dark. This person is :icon1mperfectly-perfect: 
Basically, this was my first character i ever made, and etc etc so he kinda sucks. 

Anyway, He normally is seen wearing a large black coat, with a hood that hides his face in shadows of the hood. 
basically, in the beginning of time, His family, were born from the being known as Satan, and they were the only family in darkness, who never turned to evil. They were all demon hunters, and fought for good. Dark being one of them. Their family, was attacked because of this. Slowly, over a course of thousands of years, they were killed. Dark, His mother Pure, and his sister Spike, Were the last ones left, and the most hidden. 250 years ago, when dark was 8, the demons destroyed his entire home, everyone dead. This area was under a war with other kingdoms. 

But something happened with dark. 
His ancestor, made friends with a Witch, during his travels. His ancestor was a Knight who looked exactly like dark. And this witch realized what would happen, and put a spell on them just before his ancestor died. Dark, Was reborn into the world. 
But he didn't revive with his sister and mother, in fact, he had no memory, he just knew his name, and his powers. He dedicated his life to helping, until he realized what happened. 
His memories slowly returned, via various nightmares. 

This haunts dark, and he feels extremely bad for this, This may be a reason why he never asks for help, at risk that his allies will die because they helped.

His kingdom, created emeralds of Sin, known as the Dark emeralds. And Dark uses the Dark emerald of Pride. His pride is one of his greatest weaknesses. 

Now he is alive in this world, Older than he seems, his body age is measured to be around 18. But due to his powers of darkness, he has extreme healing abilities, but if his energy is low, it is very slow to heal. He is basically a tank. 

He is also known to have taken certain jobs from GUN, but only if they really really reeeeally need him, since he doesnt really like serving them.

His weapons, are 2 twin dual blades, which he tends to use back handed (just imagine ventus from kingdom hearts birth by sleep) And he has a guitar sword, which is very powerful. He also has 2 chains, that connect to his dual swords from his arms, They wrap around his arm and ties itself there to stay there. It is not ALWAYS connected to his sword, thats just an optional thing he does. 

His main weakness, is his heart. 
When dark was killed, his heart was destroyed, and a necklace was formed. Dark always has this, but always hides it in his clothes or his coat, mostly because it glows with his emotions, so he liked to hide them. But if it breaks, dark will cease to live. 

Dark has a various amount of powers, and forms. 
His main powers, are Darkness, Ice, and Water, Most people of darkness are with the powers of fire, and he, is set off from this. 

Dark has many forms. (note, i may edit and add or take away some of these.) 

Dark has a wolven form, His father was a wolf, who seeked to find an heir to his wolven gang, but wasn't successful with that. either way, dark has a wolf form. 

Another form he has, is his Super form, which is acquired by collecting all of the Dark emeralds of sin. 

His most powerful form, and my personal favorite, Is the form known as Nightmare form. Dark is able to alternate reality in this form, (NOT AS IN LIKE MATTER IS DESTROYED OR SHIT AS IN YOU SEE STUFF LIKE IN A NIGHTMARE.) He tends to make a small universe in the area he is in, alternating that reality to create a horrifying nightmare, He goes after the enemies memories, and sadness. His body because heavily altered, as his Viens are black,his eyes are yellow, and his skin color becomes a pale white. He also tends to be very very evil and out of control in this mode. And he rarely uses it, because he doesn't like to use it. His skin is also quite different in this form, as in, bright yellow eyes are seen in the black depth of his veins, and his Chains fly out of them, at rapid speed to attack and surprise his enemies. 

His personality is that he tends to be very silent, cold and distant, but with some people he is open with them. Also, since he was born 250 years ago, he doesnt really understand certain social aspects, such as figure of speech, metaphors, and general talk. 

I believe this is everything. Yes i realize its sorta power played, But eh. Hes my first character i can fuck up stuff. 
S.O.N.A. by joecool909
This is a character that I made for rping sonic. 
NOTE : I did not create the picture. My awesome friend :icon1mperfectly-perfect: Did. they are awesome.
His name is Sonicware Operated Neutron Andriod, Or SONA for short, He is powered by the Dark emerald of sin, Gluttony, because he hungers for power.
He is a evil one, focused on upgrading his machinery, and by doing so, he 'Upgrades' Via another life form. Metal cords pop out of his back, and he grabs onto the person, and absorbs the life forms energy, and slowly their life force. 

He was created by Doctor Eggman, as an expirement. However, the expirement was failed, as he featured many malfunctions, and he was tossed. However, many of his malfunctions were fixed, when he came across the Dark emerald of sin, which powers him. His main ability is using Electricity, from his hands. He is also able to absorb the electricity from other electronic devices, in order to amplify his attacks. 

The reason he is such a threat, is that he is fixated on Upgrading himself, and he will keep upgrading until he is the strongest he can, in the new environment he is in.

Yes so i believe that is it. Thank you for reading. 
again. the person who made the picture, was :icon1mperfectly-perfect: and shes amazing.
So many people are giving me llama badges lately and each one have better art, pages, and everything else than me.
Im just curious as to how they found me.


joecool909's Profile Picture
United States
What i like in artistic abilities, i make up for in my stories. i like horror stories and sad stories. i read alot,
i love games, i love halo, kingdom hearts, World of Warcraft (WoW) Elsword,
i have a variety of INTERESTS. such as Homestuck which is new to me. and im very interesting in Sonic. My main fan character is Dark.
im 16, and anti social in life aspects, thus i rely on games on dA for my social life. sad: yes, do i care : no.
:) im very nice, but dont make me mad. im also random. and i can be a perv. ^^;
i have many friends via the computer. such as :iconshadedsmile: and :icondarkprincess101x: and :iconxmissypop: and :iconthekirbykind567: and :iconneocrystal: and :iconmagicrosethehedgi:. ^_^ they are really nice...for the most part.
thats my bio i least as far as im posting. :3 enjoy my page!~

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